Coco Glucoside APG0814 CAS 141464-42-8

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Alkyl Poly Glucosides (APG) is a kind of non-ionic, environment-friendly, biodegradable surfactant, which is non-toxic, mild to skin, because it is made from renewable raw materials - glucose derived from corn, and fatty alcohols from coconut and palm kernel oils. With the rise of carbon chain length, its solubility changes a lot, and usually its HLB varies from 10-19. The product owns low surface tension and performs good in cleaning, wetting, solubility, stability with heat, hard water and strong alkali, foaming, etc. It is compatible with many other ionic or non-ionic surfactants. It is much more safe than SLES and AEO, because there is no dioxane in APG.APG can be applied in detergents, cosmetics, bio-chemicals, food, plastic, pesticide, textile, paper making, medicine and oil industries, etc. APG 0810 can be used in pesticides, hard surface detergents and industry detergents, APG 0814 can be used in cosmetics and textile and APG 1214 can be used in shampoo, bath foam, cosmetics and detergents for dinnerware, etc. 220kg/plastic drum, 80 drums/20‘FCL. Stored in cool, ventilated and dry place, far from fire, heat, moisture etc. Transported as Common Chemicals.Please contact us for detailed specification...Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. is the key manufacturer and exporter of Coco Glucoside APG0814 CAS 141464-42-8 since from 2010 The production capability for Coco Glucoside APG0814 CAS 141464-42-8 is about 10,000 tons per year..  We export regularly to Mexico, USA, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Syria, Nigeria etc. The product quality is stable and meet Cosmetic, food and Pharma grade. If you need to buy Coco Glucoside APG0814 CAS 141464-42-8, please feel free to contact:   Mr. Will Ni

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