Copper Acetate anhydrous CAS 142-71-2

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Product name:  Copper acetate cas No: 142-71-2 Molecular formula: C4H6CuO4 Molecular weight:  181.63   Character Copper hydroacetate, dark green monoclinic crystal. The melting point 115 ºC, 240 ºC.Relative density was 1.882. Soluble in water, ethanol, slightly soluble in ether and glycerine, slightly weathered in dry air, acetic acid smell.   Usage Analysis reagent, organic synthesis catalyst, pesticide, fungicide, dyeing fixing agent, preparation of Paris green intermediate.   Specification Content( on dry basis) w/%                             ≥ 98.0 Non-sludging to hydrogen sulfide w/%         ≤ 0.5  Lead( Pb) w/%                                                  ≤ 0.005  Chloride( Cl) w/%                                             ≤ 0.05  Iron (Fe)w/%                                                      ≤ 0.05 Non-sludging to hydrogen sulfide w/%         ≤ 0.3        Packing 25kg/bag, 25mt/20"FCL       ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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