Potassium Chloride KCL CAS 7447-40-7

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Chemical Name:   Potassium chloride Molecular Formula : KCl Molecular Weight:   74.55 CAS: 7447-40-7 Character: It'scolorless prismatic crystal or cube crystal or white crystalline powder, odorless ,tasting salty.     Specification
SPECIFICATION BP-2005        FCC-1996
Content 99.0%-100.5%       ≥99.0%
PH Value According with the standard       normal
Arsenic(as As)    -       ≤0.0003%
Heavy metals(as Pb) ≤0.0001%       ≤0.0005%
The test of iodide or bromide According with the standard       normal
Weight loss on drying ≤1.0%       ≤1.0%
Sodium experiment -       negative
Sulphate ≤0.03%       -
Lead ≤0.0001%       -
Sodium base  ≤0.1%       -
Barium  According with the  standard       -
Iron ≤0.002%       -
Magnesium and alkaline- earth metal ≤0.02%       -
  Usage - Nutritional supplements; gelling agent; salt substitutes; yeast food; Used in salt and agriculture products, aquatic products, livestock products, fermentation products, spices, canned food, convenience food flavoring agent etc. Also used to strengthen the potassium (for the body electrolyte with) the preparation of athletes' drinks, etc. Can strengthen the gel effect.   Packing It is packed with polyethylene bag as inner layer, and a compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer. The net weight of each bag is 25kg.   Storage and Transport It should be stored in a dry and ventilating warehouse. Be cautious to keep away from moisture and heat; unloaded with care, so as to avoid the damage. Furthermore, it should be stored separately from poisonous substances.     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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