Sodium Chloride NaCl CAS 7647-14-5

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Sodium Chloride CAS 7647-14-5, also called NaCl, is a basic chemcial commonly. It is white crystalline powder, Used in production of soda ash, soap, chlorine, sodium hydroxide, also widely used in metallurgy, tanning, pharmacy and fishery animal husbandry.       Physical properties Appearance                     White crystalline powder Density,20℃,g/cm3      2.162 Boiling point,℃              1461 Melting point,℃             801 Solubility                         Soluble in water, ethanol & other organic solvents.     Specification - Industrial grade - Food grade - Feed grade - Pharmaceutical grade - Injection grade * Please contact us for specification details.       Application 1. Sodium chloride can be widely used for snow and ice melting in areas when atmospheric temperature is below -15·c. 2. Sodium chloride used in the manufacture of chlorine, hydrogen, hydrochloric acid, potassium salt, sodium hypochlorite, bleaching powder, metal materials, refrigeration system of refrigerant, the organic synthesis of raw materials and salting-out agents 3. Iron and steel industry is used as the heat treatment. Highly refined sodium chloride is used as the physiological saline. 4. Sodium chloride in the food industry, daily life, used to flavor, etc. In the high temperature heat source with potassium chloride, barium chloride, etc into salt bath, can be used as heating medium, keep the temperature between 820 ~ 820 C. 5.In addition, also used in medical, glass, dye, metallurgy and other industries.       Packing 25kg/bag, 25mg/20"FCL. or as per customer requirement       -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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