Tween 20 Polysorbate 20 CAS 9005-64-5

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Tween 20 Polysorbate 20 CAS 9005-64-5 is light yellow viscose oily liquid to paste insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents, it is water/oil type emulsifier.  1. Easily soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, isopropanol and other solvents, insoluble in moving, mineral oil, with emulsification, diffusion, solubilization, stability and other properties.   2. This product is harmless to human body, no irritation, mainly used in the food industry for cake, ice cream, shortening and other production.   3. In other respects, it can be used as emulsifier for mineral oil, solvent for dyes, emulsifier for cosmetics, stabilizer for foamed plastics, emulsifier, dispersant and stabilizer for pharmaceutical products, as well as auxiliaries for photo emulsion.  200kg/iron or HEDP drum, 16,000kg/20"FCL. 25kg, 50kg/drum, or as per customer demand. Stored in cool, ventilated and dry place, far from fire, heat, moisture etc. Transported as Common Chemicals.Please contact us for detailed specification...Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. is the key manufacturer and exporter of Tween 20 Polysorbate 20 CAS 9005-64-5 since from 2010 The production capability for Tween 20 Polysorbate 20 CAS 9005-64-5 is about 2,500 tons per year..  We export regularly to Korea, UAE, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany etc. The product quality is stable and meet Food, Pharma, Cosmetic and Industrial grade. We are also the key Span 80 60 suppliers in China. If you need to buy Tween 20 Polysorbate 20 CAS 9005-64-5, please feel free to contact:   Mr. Eric Ba

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